Azarius Affiliate Program Pros

azariusOne of the greatest marijuana affiliate that you could discover on the internet is Azarius. They pay out 15% commission on the net price of a completed order. It means the price just before shipping. They does not provide e-mail marketing. Azarius supplies a number of affiliate products for whichever your requirements are. Payments are made in Euro to a banking account. They also compensate their affiliate marketers in product. There’s a fee of 50 Euro to ask for a bank withdrawal.


Avalon Magic Plants Affiliate Review

avalonAvalon Magic Plants have been doing business for some time. The domain was listed during 2009. You can buy a broad variety of seeds for growing cannabis and mushrooms at a low price. Furthermore, they offer vaporizers, pipes, bongs, apparel as well as growing products. They ship free within EU and offer free stealth shipping worldwide. Their Affiliate program could be joined through emailing them. They give 15% commission for orders. Orders are traced via the affiliate area of their website… look at this info here

Pros of Herbal Smoke Shack Affiliate

The Herbal Smoke Shack Affiliate Marketing Program is regarded one of the greatest affiliate marketing programs due to their high average sales and payouts. The average purchase is normally 95 US dollars and the commission rate is 40%. In case you’re a top-notch performer you could gain 50% in profits. In addition, they are at the moment converting 12.5% of website traffic to revenue. For those who have good site visitors, this website is worth your time.

Their affiliates continue to keep client for as long as 10 years, so you will go on to make money on the buyers you refer. They pay through PayPal or check when $50 is accumulated… look at here

How To Find The Best Affiliate Program

cannabisThis article will precisely aid people that wouldn’t like to study the hard way on what a decent affiliate marketing program must be. Starting a marijuana internet site should anticipate problems in finding honest affiliate marketing programs that as well, possess the guts to undertake a subject as controversial as the niche of cannabis. You might want to study, read, and research as much as possible. Ratio is 3 weeks preparing to weekly modifying. You should make certain that an affiliate firm will offer you with a compensation for all of the product sales it provides before signing up. Can these firms track just online affiliate orders or perhaps can they as well track fax, phone and postal orders? You need to ensure they cover all of the bases so that you don’t miss out on any profits… discover hereĀ