Azarius Affiliate Program Pros

azariusOne of the greatest marijuana affiliate that you could discover on the internet is Azarius. They pay out 15% commission on the net price of a completed order. It means the price just before shipping. They does not provide e-mail marketing. Azarius supplies a number of affiliate products for whichever your requirements are. Payments are made in Euro to a banking account. They also compensate their affiliate marketers in product. There’s a fee of 50 Euro to ask for a bank withdrawal.


Avalon Magic Plants Affiliate Review

avalonAvalon Magic Plants have been doing business for some time. The domain was listed during 2009. You can buy a broad variety of seeds for growing cannabis and mushrooms at a low price. Furthermore, they offer vaporizers, pipes, bongs, apparel as well as growing products. They ship free within EU and offer free stealth shipping worldwide. Their Affiliate program could be joined through emailing them. They give 15% commission for orders. Orders are traced via the affiliate area of their website… look at this info here

Marijuana Affiliates: Herbal Buds

Opened up its company in 1999, Herbal Bud has been selling buds, oil and herbs for over a decade now. If you want to make money by way of affiliate program, Herbal Bud is the one to suit your needs. It offers affiliates 40-50% revenue and its cookies may last for a decade. In addition, they ship internationally and enable the affiliates cash out quickly… discover the facts

What is Marijuana?

2014-09-22_1347-300x159What do a wildly growing plant, a fiber have in common as well as a feminine name? Let’s hear it – it is Marijuana! Marijuana (cannabis sativa) had so many aliases which it is not surprising it encompasses this list of alienated words just like kush, hemp and ganja.

What is marijuana? What is the story about why and how it grew to become known as a drug that people are quite easily addicted to and, hence, at some point abuse?.. find out here now

How Did La Plata Made it to Seed Bank Hall of Fame 2014?

marijuana_plants_Timothy_Norris_lawWe initially found La Plata’s lovely bud photographs on Facebook and have become determined to find out more on their prime weed varieties. Their Green Alien is a smelly, pure indica which flowers in 8 – 9 weeks. Big Skunk is a fairly easy-to-grow strain that harks back to the times of Road Kill Skunk, with a deep, distinctive aroma that stays on the tongue. As delicious as they are very good looking, La Plata strains are sure to delight growers and lovers alike… learn here now